Friday, 19 July 2013

All the fun (and work) of the craft fair

I like craft fairs. I enjoy chatting with people about the things I make, and with other stallholders, plus of course I like selling my jewellery. That doesn't mean it's easy (best not try to calculate an hourly rate...), what with the various bits of admin, set-up, clear-up, transport and so on that are all part of it. When it's hot (really hot), it's even harder - as it was at the most recent event organised by Queenie's Craft Emporium and Hog 'n' Hops last weekend.

The Rebejoo stall just about ready to go.
 When the temptation to go to the pub, beach, pool, river etc is strong, fewer people come through the door (thanks to those who did!), and less buying happens - lots of very warm brains liking but not deciding/buying (to be honest, I'd probably be the same) and I was just glad I was indoors rather than having a stall in the field next door (owch, roasting). Still, it was a good test of my still-developing selling skills, and, to be fair, it went OK - definitely worthwhile, and I'll be back for more (even better when there's evening entertainment too - keeps the buzz going!) Plus, people who are interested-but-undecided still take away business cards and there have been a few new 'likers' on the facebook shop with a couple of pieces put to one side - and, selling a few things tends to spur me into making more, which is exactly what has happened this week. So, thanks to Queenie and her helpers - another fine event!

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