Thursday, 17 January 2013

Finding my way

A few months ago when I started Rebejoo (yup, it really is that young) I was advised by this splendid person to stick to my own style/designs and not get side-tracked into changing to try to be more 'saleable' but not-what-I-am. At the time I blithely said 'yeahhhhh, no problem' but in reality it's a bit trickier than that. If I didn't want to sell anything, then it wouldn't be an issue, but as I am going pro, at least as a sideline (who knows beyond that) there is a temptation to try to follow what sells. This is to be resisted. I have an ethos and shall follow it, and to be honest there's little point (either creatively or financially) in trying to compete with mass-produced imported tat. Instead, I'm sticking to the use of re-used/recycled materials (apart from parts such as ear-ring hooks that have to be clean and new) and only ever making one-offs...

One of my 'knot' pendants.
...and that's where one of the temptations comes in. If a piece is popular, I could make several and they might well sell, but that's not my ethos. It would also weaken one of my key selling-points i.e. that every item is unique. Instead (and this goes back to that sage advice I mentioned), I stick to what I like making (if I like it, so will others) and let the designs come naturally. If I try to force it, guess what, it doesn't work - I just end up with a bit of heated and hammered metal (not unlike what happens if I try to paint when not in the mood - splodge). So far, this has developed into three main styles - 'knots' like the one above (maybe it's a key to an undiscovered door...), 'twinklies' like the ear-rings below and the 'others' below that which are the more industrial and steampunky items at the more complex end of what I make. Enjoy!

Twinkly crystal ear-rings!
Glorious steampunk pendant-ness.
It's a heart, but not as you know it!

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