Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crossing the Threshold

I've written before about my first craft fair and the first shop to take some of my jewellery to sell - both important milestones as Rebejoo is still a very new enterprise. So, I was similarly excited to finally get some of my work into a gallery, namely the John Hansard gallery's 'I am the Warrior' exhibition in Southampton.

It's an open-access exhibition - anything you've made yourself and wish to bring (or perform) - but it still meant stepping into gallery space, signing the piece away for a time and so on. Kind of informally formal if you like, and definitely another milestone as I've been looking at getting pieces into galleries and it isn't easy - from my POV, definitely exciting!

So, here's what I put in the exhibition - a 'Rebejoo Selection' which has since been out on the wall I believe - and it's in good company with the likes of the Trashcan Samurai, Blue log-drum fish, matchstick galleon and milk-bottle polar bear!

'Rebejoo Selection' next to the knitted (edible-looking) doughnuts and the purple lion

Astonishingly detailed matchstick ship on a matchstick table. Woah!

Trashcan Samurai!

Drum that blue log fish...

Hello milk-bottle polar bear

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